The Balm Haul

I am a big fan of the brand The Balm and even bigger fan when it is on sale on HauteLook. I have actually never purchased The Balm full price. When it is on HauteLook it is 50% off, so you really can’t go wrong. I have tried all these products too so I will give a mini review.

I repurchased this concealer in the shade light. It is a good product and nice consistency.

I repurchased this concealer in the shade light. It is a good product and nice consistency. I like to use it under my eyes and around my nose.


I have a love affair with highlighters and wanted to try Mary-Lou Manizer.


It is a fantastic highlight and has quickly became my go to.


Swatch of the product – there is not a ton of sparkle/glitter in it which I really love.


I had another Balm blush so I decided to try Frat Boy.


I love Frat Boy – it is a gorgeous matte peachy color.


I decided that I was going to try a few face products. I love that The Balm products are Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free.


I actually needed a new toner and decided on the Cucumber Face Toner. HauteLook had a few for sale but I was drawn to this one. I really have been loving this product.


I love love love the scent of Lavender so that drew me into this facial cleanser. It is gentle on the skin and I like to use this on days when I am not using an exfoliant.


I was interested in trying a Microdermabrasion for sometime now but just never found one that I wanted to buy/for the right price. Almond Microdermabrasion Face Exfoliating Scrub is fantastic. I love this product and am happy I got it. My skin is so smooth and bright since putting this product into use!


As I said before all products were selling for half price on HauteLook – I would totally pay full price for all these products as I really do love everything I purchased. I try to always look for The Balm on HauteLook though because you really can not beat the deal. It is a nice way to try new things without feeling bad if you hate something because you didn’t spend a ton on the product. Overall, I love all the products I got from this haul and the few other things I own from The Balm – it is a really fantastic brand!


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